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How to watch a movie.

I hate trailers, plot summaries and anything telling me about the movie I’m about to watch. I feel like the more knowledge about a movie you have then the worse it gets.

The best way to watch a movie is by going to a film festival and luckily there is the

If you love Asian Films or like anything Asian, anything at all I give a firm suggestion to check this festival out!

Few quick points to know:

  • It started June 29th and is on till July 15th (so it can hold you over till dark knight rises, almost)
  • On a whole most of the films start at 1pm
  • Films play all day up until and after midnight on some occassions
  • There are many guest speakers including Donnie Yen (“IP Man”, “Hero”, “Blade II”, “Legend of the First: Return of Chen Zhen”)
  • Two main films theyre promoting: Guns N’Roses and Doomsday Book
  • Tickets: Students(valid ID): $9.00// Adults: 13.00 (got to love student discounts)
  • To purchase tickets (as of now) you have to select the specific film in the” films” list drop down menu
  • Theater Info: It’s The Walter Reade Theater (June 29th ~ July 12th) and Japan Society (July 12th ~ July 15th)

Try not watching trailers and only reading the topic sentence to pick films to watch. It’s such a better experience than going in knowing basically everything the film has to offer. Trailers should be new content exclusive to the watcher.

Keep an open mind too.

Another festival to check out: NYFF50 (September 28th ~ October 15th)