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What Else Can You Do With Your Cell Phone?

There was a recent article in The Atlantic called, “The Cigarette of the Century” where it brings up an interesting point.

What are we supposed to do with our hands now?

With cigarettes banned nearly everyplace human beings are known to gather we need something to fill the void of awkwardness that is left.  We reach to our pockets for our cell phones when we become weak and bored with reality. This is leading us to being more disconnected with the people around us. Instead, embrace the awkwardness! Interact with strangers and make new friends.

Use it as an ice breaker conversations, too. haha.


Happy with the sunrise.

So last night I went to Brooklyn with a rascally group of people. Funny cool people that look at life as a fun time to be had, all the time. We all traveled to Glasslands for a show. The band was Hooray for Earth and they performed exquisitely. Hooray for Earth, it’s like the love child of Journey and Foreigner. They were pretty decent but it was my first time seeing them live so it’s hard to get into music on the first listen. Plus, I forgot to wear deodorant so I felt mega self conscious about the smell oozing from my arm pits.

Including me there was five of us Red, Dalia, Emily and Rico. Red is a man of raw confidence that can talk to anyone for hours; Dalia, who was the driver and my best friend of the night; Emily, whom I met only tonight but she was the most lively of anyone else at the concert; and then Rico who is everyone’s best friend and you want to hug him till he dies.

Here’s a thing I learned that night. I hate the government. I do not like how it’s illegal to be in parks and on the streets after dark. It feels like martial law. But whatever, we got to the show early and didn’t want to hangout there yet so we went out by the water. Were sitting in the park and officer Steve comes out of no place like a homeless man that catches you off guard. Emily ends up with a ticket for drinking a beer. So after that we decided going back to the concert and hanging out there till the show starts would be the best idea.

Red and Emily just float around all night. Dalia and I people watch all night on a sofa that awkwardly sat three. People watching at concerts isn’t that fun. Mostly because it was Glasslands, Brooklyn. Glasslands is filled with the type of hipsters that act indifferent about the things they like. A sea of people and all they’re doing is bobbing heads.

The first performer looked like Rick Astley but it was nothing like his music. It was dubstep which I like but I would not go to a dubstep concert (if you know what i mean). Second performer was perfect people watching music. It was like listening to Arabic elevator music. Methodical beats with an undertone of throat noises.

Hooray for Earth was the final act of a short show. We made our way to the front of the crowd as per Red’s request and this was also around the time Rico came to join us. Their performance was calm like the rising tide of the ocean. They performed mostly new music so in that aspect it was awkward. Since, most new things are typically awkward. Concert finishes before midnight and so our run to the taco truck commenced.

There is something infinitely wonderful about the taco trucks in Brooklyn. It’s like the later it gets the more delish their food becomes. Plus, you can not go wrong with the prices there. 2.50$ for a taco. One taco. Genius. Red and Emily end up being so smashed and all over each other. The were cute sharing their taco. Dalia, Rico and I caught up on life events.

And so the night ended with a drive home. Red and Emily all over each other while Dalia, Rico and I joked and enjoyed the company of each others laughter.

Even though sometimes I don’t feel like going out I am always glad I did. The love of friends is one of the best things life has to offer.