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How to Lose Weight for Kids

This post is for the parents. Take it from a dude that loves kids and is just waiting for the right time to have a bunch of his own…teach your kids about what it means to eat healthy. That means don’t feed them a plate of potatoes. Yes, i know it’s crazy tough to get kids to eat their vegetables and salads are the devil. But nothing can stop you from telling them about what is healthy and what is not. Before each meal remind them about how cool vegetables are and play them up.

In teaching your kids you might learn new things. Scientists are finding out new benefits on the daily and learning something new is always fun and adventurous.  Try secretly putting your kids on a weight loss plan. I mean it sounds a little devilish but what they don’t know won’t hurt them, besides this is to help them.

Teaching and having an understanding as adults is equally important and thankfully it is never to late to learn. Having a healthy body, helps boosts your mental well being and is shown to improve moods. It also significantly decreases the chances of many diseases such as:

– diabetes

– dementia

– dying early!

Out of 317 million Americans something like 45 million belong to a gym or exercise on their own, according to the book out by New York Times Phys Ed columnist Gretchen Reynolds. The book titled, “The First 20 Minutes” debunks truths and myths about what it means to be healthy.

Pick up her book and share it with your kids and neighbors. Help yourself and your community.


I can’t wait to get out there and run, until I can I just walk and people watch in the malls. See ya’ll around.